About Touchtech's 3D Secure Payments

Shoppers often abandon online transactions when required to remember their 3D-Secure password or wait for a code via SMS. This makes customers unhappy and reduces Credit Card Lending through e-commerce. Touchtech’s 3D-Secure solution is simple as well as secure and massively reduces cart abandonment.

Touchtech’s ACS was designed with Europe's PSD2 in mind. Touchtech’s solution does not rely on passwords that can be forgotten, expensive SMS codes that can be lost in transit or on risk scores that can be faked. It complies fully with PSD2, including the recently published technical standards.

Benefits for users:

Eliminate passwords

As many as one third of online shoppers fail to complete a transaction when challenged for a 3D Secure password. This makes customers unhappy and reduces lending and interchange. Touchtech makes payment authentication as easy as tapping a push notification.

Comply with regulation

Touchtech’s payments solution is certified by Visa and Mastercard and was designed specifically to meet the challenge of the EU's Revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2). Touchtech allows banks to turn these new requirements from a regulatory burden into a Digital Transformation success story.

Reduce costs

Forgotten passwords are major drivers of visits to bank branches and calls to contact centers. Other 3D Secure solutions rely upon codes sent via SMS which can be non-compliant, a very poor user experience and cost large sums of money.

For questions or more information, contact us at hello@touchtechpayments.com.