About product

Customers dislike remembering and typing long, hard-to-remember codes to access online banking. Technology already in users' phones is the solution.

Biometric Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) from Touchtech leverages this smartphone technology to ensure your customers can easily access all the features of your online banking without hard-to-remember usernames and codes. Asking customers to remember and correctly input username and code combinations in as many as 35% of cases means they fail to access the services offered by your online banking.

How Data Remains In Customer and Bank Control:

  • Data security and privacy are of paramount importance to Touchtech. In order to register for Biometric SCA, the smartphone the customer wishes to use is paired with his bank account, for example, via an SMS to a phone number already on file or by logging in to the internet banking portal.
  • The user can now log in to internet banking on his smartphone using biometrics. If the customer is on a desktop computer, he will also use his smartphone with either push notifications or QR codes, establishing the link between both devices..
  • Customers’ biometric data is checked locally on their smartphone and is never sent to Touchtech or elsewhere. The biometric data (e.g. fingerprint) is used to unlock a password which is sent to the bank’s server for validation.

How is Data Hosted:

Biometric SCA is offered as a service through an API and SDK. These APIs are hosted on Amazon Web Services by Touchtech and adhere to the highest global standards of data protection and information security. These services can also be hosted on-premises if a financial institution prefers.

For questions or more information, contact us at hello@touchtechpayments.com.